Q4 LEAD After School Club Sign Ups

Hello Tiffany Families,

Our Quarter 3 Clubs were such a success!  Thank you, families, for all your support and patience during our CLUBS!

Our LEAD (Learn Enrich Aspire Develop) Program will kick off QUARTER 4 after Spring Break, on April 8th.  This program is FREE- funded by ELOP (Extended Learning Opportunity Program), a government funded program.   

This program provides educational and enrichment activities after school for (TK-6). Here at Tiffany our activities include language, dance, sports, & STEAM. Students participating in the program will learn new skills and gain valuable opportunities to interact with peers in a physically and emotionally safe environment. 

WHO CAN ENROLL?   Priority is given to Unduplicated students (English Language Learners, foster, un-housed, and low-income students), but all students can apply through the interests’ Forms.

HOW CAN I ENROLL?  Parents and Guardians can click on the links below for the correct grade of your student in which your student is interested in. 

Your child does not have to attend everyday offered of that one Club.  I understand there are more than one Club your child is interested in.  (Example: Basketball and Football are offered the exact same days.  When they check in, they can tell us what Club they will be in that day. As long as they are registered for both Clubs.)

QUESTIONS?  Contact TIFFANY SITE LEAD– Contact Yvonne Baptista via email- Yvonne.baptista@cvesd.org   EXT. 510130


2:55- TK-KINDER Students will be escorted by an IA to the MPR for check in and snack, then taken to designated club area.  Parents pick up/sign out will be at the gates at 4:15-4:30.

TK-Kinder- (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)- Arts & Crafts with Ms. Pricila- TK-K ART

TK- Kinder- (Mondays Only) ITALIAN with Mrs. Sagrati– Learn Italian

TK-Kinder- (Tuesdays Only)- GARDENING with Ms. FayaTK-K GARDENING

TK-Kinder- (Thursdays Only)- YOGA with Mrs. Stirling TK-K YOGA

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS- 1st grade- 6th grade

3:15- Check in at the MPR or Grass field for a snack.

3:30- Instructors will gather the students to take them to designated club area.

4:30-Parents pick up/sign out will be at the gates.


1st Grade Only (Wednesdays Only)- ITALIAN with Mrs. SagratiLearn Italian

1st-2nd Grade- (Tues & Thurs)- iMOVIE Creator with Sra. Sandoval– iMOVIE

1st-2nd Grade- (Tues, Wed, Thurs)- Reading for Fun Club with Ms. Sipes- Reading

1st-3rd Grade- (Tuesdays Only)- YOGA with Mrs. Stirling- YOGA

1st – 6th Grade- (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) Making Friendships & Bracelets with Ms. Gabby- Friendships & Bracelets

1st- 6th Grade- (Thursdays Only) GARDENING with Ms. Faya- Gardening

2nd- 6th Grade- (Thursdays Only) CROCHET for beginners with Ms. Barker– Crochet

2nd-6th Grade- (Tues & Thurs) BOARDGAMES Social Skills with Ms. Poteet –Board Games

2nd-6th Grade- (Tuesdays Only) LATIN INFUSION DANCE- with Ms. Arce- Latin Dance

2nd- 6th Grade- (Tues, Wed, Thurs) BASKETBALL with Mr. Basilio- Basketball

2nd- 6th Grade- (Tues, Wed, Thurs) FLAG FOOTBALL with Mr. King- flag football

3rd- 6th Grade- (Mon & Wed)- Arts and Crafts with Mrs. TrusselArts & Crafts

3rd-4th Grade- (Mon, Tues, Wed) LEGO BUILDING with Mrs. Arauz- Legos

3rd-4th Grade- (Wednesdays Only)- SELF-CARE CUBS- Self Care Cubs

3rd-6th Grade- (Mon & Wed) TUMBLING & DANCE with Ms. Higginson- Tumbling & Dance

3rd- 6th Grade- (Mon & Wed) RUNNING TECHNIQUES with Mr. Warren- Running

3rd-6th Grade- (Thursdays Only) DIDGERIDOO SOUNDS with Ms. Ellen- Play Didgeridoo

3rd- 6th Grade- (Mondays Only) MUSIC Reading & RECORDER with Ms. Ellen- Music&Recorder

3rd- 6th Grade- (Tuesdays Only) MUSIC Reading & Keyboard with Ms. EllenKeyboard

4th- 6th Grade- (Mondays Only) FASHION & COSTUME with Ms. 7 – Fashion Club    

4th- 6th Grade- (Tues, Wed, Thurs) LIBRARY/HOMEWORK (support, but not tutoring) Ms. Jackie- Library/Homework

4th-6th Grade- (Thursdays Only) ZUMBA DANCE with Ms. Arce- Zumba Dance


3rd & 4th Grade- (TUESDAY MORNINGS ONLY)- SELF CARE CUBS with Ms. – Morning Self Care

4th, 5th & 6th Grade (WEDNESDAY MORNINGS ONLY)- Tea Time Social & PuzzlesMorning TeaTime Social

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