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Dear Tiffany Families,
We are so excited that our Annual Tiger Trek is a little over a week away!  If you haven’t set up your account yet, please check out the flyer below:
Waivers:  If you haven’t already completed a PTA Waiver this year, your child we need to have one on file for the event.  If your child still needs one, their classroom teacher will be sending it home to you.  Please complete the waiver and send it back in so that your child can participate the day of the event.
Volunteers:  Are you interested in volunteering?  We would love to have you!  Here are the volunteer needs that we we have in support of the Tiffany Trek Fun Run. Please sign up for whatever you can and if you have any questions you can reach out to Juliette Sherry, who is the Chair of this event at juliette@juliettesherry.com.
You can sign up from this signup genius link:


Here are our volunteer needs:
T-Shirts Sorting:  We will receive 500+ Fun Run T-shirts from our vendor.  The T-shirts need to be sorted by classroom according to the class roster provided by each teacher of the students’ and adults’ sizes in each class.
Fruit and Water Distribution Purchase:  Purchase the bulk fruit (mandarin oranges / bananas), the gallons of water and mini paper cups for the water stations. Deliver all fruit, water, cups, etc. to the PTA Room no later than Tuesday, October 17th.  This volunteer must keep receipts of all purchases for reimbursement of expenses by the PTA.
Set Up Track: Set Up the 2 tracks for the Fun Run.  This includes setting up the fence stakes, the plastic fencing, the flags, etc. and also includes chalking the tracks.
General Pre-Event Set Up:  The morning of the Fun Run, there will be miscellaneous tasks to make sure the tracks, tables, speakers, banner, trash bins, cones, etc. are all ready and in place before the event.
Lap Trackers:  Lap Trackers will mark the students’ T-shirts with washable markers as they complete each lap.  Trackers also cheer on and encourage students as they jog/walk around the track.  They should watch out for students who appear extremely fatigued and to encourage them to walk and get some water, if they need it.
Water Station Attendants:  Attendants set up the water station for each track.  The station will have a 3-gallon water dispenser that should be filled before the Fun Run.  Mini water cups should be filled and placed on the table so the students can easily grab water if they get thirsty.  Trash bins should be placed nearby for easy disposal of empty water cups.  Attendants also cheer on and encourage students as they jog/walk around the track.  They should watch out for students who appear extremely fatigued and to encourage them to walk and get some water, if they need it.
Post-Run Fruit and Water Station:  Set up fruit and water distribution tables and assist with distribution of fruit and water after the Fun Run.  Set up trash bins for easy disposal of fruit peels and trash.
General Tear Down / Clean Up:  Tear down both tracks and store supplies and equipment away for future use.  Clean up track and dispose of trash and debris.
Prizes Assembly:  Assemble prize bags based on students’ total money earned via Pledgestar and per-lap pledges.  Staple on each prize bag the sheet with the student’s name, the prize level reached, and prizes awarded.
There may be some additional volunteer tasks as we go along but the above list is the bulk of what we need help with.  Thank you very much for your continued support of the Tiffany PTA.  We are encouraged by all the support we’ve received so far and look forward to working with you in making this Fun Run the most successful fundraiser ever.
Thank you!
Tiffany PTA

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